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EPICS is able to provide established medical providers with access to comprehensive counseling and assessment services. EPICS offers many incentives to referring providers, including increasing their practices compliance with the federal drug addiction treatment act of 2000 (DATA) and the State medical board guidelines for dispensing and prescribing buprenorphine in an office-based setting. EPICS handles all billing and release of information requirements directly with clients and share clinical recommendations with prescribers.

Referral options are available for providers in the opioid treatment field. By referring clients to EPICS, providers can optimize treatment by expanding client’s recovery options. Through either a formal or informal agreement for services, EPICS can be an essential component of your agencies treatment program. A formal agreement with EPICS includes “right sizing” of treatment services that allows EPICS to customize specific services to meet the needs of the referring provider. With a formal referral agreement, providers receive a detailed comprehensive substance abuse assessment within 48 hours of initial referral that includes; substance use and psychiatric history, family history, social functioning, assessment of strengths and abilities, and readiness to change. Providers will have access to accurate and up-to-date record keeping that enhances treatment services and protects providers in the event records need to be accessed for quality assurance purposes. Providers will have immediate access to client’s files to allow for collaborative and efficient treatment planning.

Program Services:

  • Initial screenings to determine appropriateness for office based buprenorphine.
  • Pre-treatment counseling to those who are on a waiting list to prevent/manage relapse cravings.
  • Comprehensive electronic ASI substance abuse assessment.
  • Consultation to physicians in all phases of the recovery process including discharge planning.
  • Linkage with resources, support groups and other supplemental components of the recovery process.
  • Education on risks and benefits of treatment options including buprenorphine maintenance, crisis and after hours counseling as needed.
  • Group/individual and family counseling for individuals who have mental health issues associated with their use of opiates and other drugs.
  • Physicians with formal agreements receive support in client referrals for higher level of care as needed.
  • Physicians with formal agreements receive customized service plan to meet program need including duration of each phase and extent of services based on consumer need.
  • Physicians with formal agreements receive electronic copy of substance abuse assessment, diagnosis, initial treatment plan, recommendation, progress notes, drug screenings and other documentation as needed with clients consent.

Program Hours:

  • Evening and weekend hours available for screening, assessments, group and individual counseling.

Fees and Cost:

  • No fees or cost for the referring provider.
  • Flat fee for comprehensive substance abuse assessment.
  • Packages are offered/will vary based on duration of client’s treatment.
  • All fees are due at the time of service.

EPICS would appreciate an opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and discuss how EPICS can be of service to your practice. Call today!

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Our services
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Payment Methods: Cash and credit cards, sliding fee scale, accepts all medicaid providers and private insurance is welcomed.

Medicaid plans accepted: Missouri Care, MHNET, Medicaid, CPTS and Homestate.